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Feed The Need

adult phone chat I am in the mood for some good old fashioned 69 action. Today is going to be a dick sucking, pussy licking, loads of cumming kind of day. I am sure that you will agree that there is no better way to start a good fuck then with the taste of cum and the feel of a hot mouth wrapped around that hard cock. Lay back as I tease the head of your dick with the tip of my tongue. Don’t be surprised when I work my way down and suck your balls into my mouth before giving you a rim job. It is all part of the package baby, I don’t do anything half assed (no pun intended). Don’t worry sweetie I will be giving you my gorgeous pussy in just a minute and you can return the favor. Suck my clit into your mouth and flick it with your tongue before diving into my wet hole. Finger that ass of mine and get it ready. I know after you cover that dick with pussy juice your going to want to slide it in my ass and fill me up with cum.

Tacking It Back

adult phone chat A friend of mine has a nephew that is playing football and she invited me to go to the game with her. it’s been years since I sat in the stands at a school field and watched a game. In fact when i was in school I spent more time under the bleachers then on them if the truth were told. Sitting there watching the hot young studs prance about for the young ladies had my pussy leaking juice into my pretty little panties. i could smell the juices. I knew I had to get fucked and I didn’t really care by who or where all though the fantasy of getting fucked under the bleachers like I did back in the day was very appealing. That is when I saw them, hand in hand, giggling and heading for “the spot” I couldn’t help myself, I had to follow them. I watched her drop to her knees and take his cock into her mouth. Poor dear gagged and chocked while trying to give him a big girl blow job. I watched him pull her up by the hair, lift her skirt, pull her panties aside and lift her up before impaling her cunt onto his pussy. I don’t know when I stuck my fingers in my pussy but I did. it took everything in my power to be quiet when I came at the same time as they did.

He Knows How To Deliver

adult phone chatI love when he is working. I get it hot and ready just the way I like it. I know to wait until it’s close to closing. He knows to look for my order, a large pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and black olives. I wait for him on my couch, in my skirt, tits falling out of my low cut blouse. When the door belle rings I say “Come in” and his silhouette fills the doorway. Pizza in one hand he expertly unzips his pants with the other and his big “peckeroni” jumps out, Leaning back on the couch, I spread my legs and reveal my pussy, already wet for his fuck stick. He knows to put the pizza on the table and dive into my waiting cunt. He licks and sucks the juices off my pussy lips before slamming me with his throbbing cock. He fucks the shit out of me and leaves me panting and wanting more. Sometimes he comes back after work, sometimes he doesn’t. The waiting and not knowing drives me crazy, but I love the cat and mouse game we play.

Plump Pussy

adult phone chatYou love a chick with a little meat on her bones. I mean let’s face it, only a real man is skilled enough to handle the curves. And you know how to handle each and every curve on a sexy BBW like me.

You long to feel you rock hard cock snuggled between these big fat tits of mine. You ache to feel that fuck rod buried deep inside my hot, wet, plump pussy lips. You need to get me face down and ass up so you can slap my round ass while you watch your cock pump it making the juices flow free covering your cock and balls in sweet honey.

But the one thing that you are absolutely dyeing to do, is to put your mouth on the juicy pussy that you just created and suck in the goodness tasting the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that is between my legs.

So what are you waiting for?

Vargas Girl Party

adult phone chat vivI love costume parties especially when they are sensually themed. This one was a pin up girls party. I decided to dress as a Vargas Girl. My black laced low cut top periodically falling off to reveal my huge tits was an added touch. Being a vintage pin up girl has it’s advantages when it comes to getting hard cock and a pussy full of cum. It didn’t take me any time at all to end up in a bedroom with a huge cock in my mouth, hands pinching and rubbing my melons while moaning with pleasure. I knew it wouldn’t be long before he pulled his cock from my lips and gave me cum covered tits. I also knew that I would lick as much of it off as I could and beg him to tell others about me and my huge tits that needed to be covered in the biggest cum shot.

Oral Orgasms For Two

adult phone chat vivWhile everyone else is out waiting for the first bomb to burst in air. We will be nestled right here in my apartment with bombs of a different kind bursting in other places.

No one knows how to taste the rainbow like you do baby. I love the way you suck on my fat pussy lips making sure to stick your tongue in every crack and crevice, licking every inch of my cunt. and your just getting warmed up. You pull me on to your face sitting me on top of your face. I pull my pussy tight so you can suck and nibble on my clit just the way I like it, periodically shoving your tongue deep inside my pussy, fucking it just right. That is when the bombs burst in your mouth filling it with my hot creamy goodness.

It’s my turn. I get between your legs and take your hard cock in my hands. Gently tracing a trail that follows every vein on your shaft with my finger nail. I can see the goose bumps start to form on your skin and your balls are beginning to tighten in their sac. Flicking my tongue, I work my way from the head of your dick to your ass and slipping the tip of it into that tight hole. I am rewarded with a moan. I cover the head of your dick with my mouth and begin to lower it, taking you down my throat entirely. It’s time to work you baby and have your bomb burst in my mouth just as the first firework is set off outside.

Big Girls Rock

adult phone chat vivYou have been looking at me from across the room for hours now. Your obviously shy because you haven’t gotten the courage to come introduce yourself yet.

My pussy has been twitching under your gaze and my panties are so wet.

I feel you watching me walk to the restroom. What you don’t know is that I am about to go take these panties off and lick them clean while I imagine your stare and finger fuck myself.

When I come out of the bathroom your eyes are on me immediately and I can feel the juices start to flow again. I walk straight to you to introduce myself and your eyes are glued to the massive cleavage that my low cut shirt shows.

I smile because I love it when a man adores my tits. I know that I will get my tits fucked and will have my face covered in sweet cum.

I slide you my number and head for the door. I am not surprised when my cell is ringing before I get the key in the ignition.

See you at my place in a few minutes.

Ball Slappin’

adult phone chat vivI am waiting for you on my hands and knees, face down and ass up. When you walk in that is the first thing you see is my ass in the air. I know you can’t resist and your cock is hard as soon as you see me. I hear your footsteps as you approach and with out looking at you, I reach my hand between my legs and spread my pussy lips opened revealing the wetness inside. I feel the head of your dick rubbing between my pussy lips and getting nice and slippery. I know that it won’t be long before your pushing that dick into my tight ass using my cunt juice as lube. I will feel your balls slapping my pussy as you plow into my tight ass.

Primal Lust

adult phone chat vivBeing in the great out doors with little beads of sweat running down my cleavage makes my nipples rock hard.

I am in my leopard print one piece in the middle of a park. A fan is blowing hot air on my body and the sound of the camera clicking as it takes pictures.

The area was roped off, if that is what you can call it. My pussy is getting wet as I hear the sound of a man’s voice approaching insisting that he be able to see me.

I am in the middle of a pose exposing my plump tits. Lifting the nipples towards my mouth I am about to lick one when I see him.

Taking in a deep breath I feel the juice dripping down the inside of my thigh.

I don’t pause and when my tongue touches my nipple it sends a tingle down to my already wet pussy.

I can’t wait till this shoot is over and I can get closer to him…..

Babysitter Phone Sex

babysitter phone sex vivI decided to take on the babysitter gig for a while to make some extra cash. My very first gig was also my last to date.

Walking up the walkway to the front door my stomach was in knots. I hadn’t done this in such a long time. I took a deep breath and rang the bell. Here goes nothing. When he opened the door, it took everything in me to keep from gasping at his beauty. He ushered me in with a smile and introduced me to my ward for the evening before shooing him off to his room. Sitting next to me on the couch he explained that he was a single father. As he gave me the numbers I may need for the evening in case of an emergency, I sat next to him mesmerized. My nipples were getting hard and there was no way that I could hide them. He leaned over and ran his fingers across them through my shirt and I shivered. Pushing me back on the couch he covered my mouth with his and slid his hand up my skirt in one swift motion. Spreading my legs for him I moaned into his mouth. Before I knew what was happening he was between my legs, my panties pushed aside and his massive cock was pushing into my wet pussy. Just as quickly as he entered me, he unloaded his balls inside me and was up and out the door, leaving me breathless. When he got home he fucked me again only this time it lasted all night long. That was over a month ago, since then he has made me his babysitter phone sex whore. Calling me every night we fuck each other with our words, cumming together on our end of the phone line. He says he is making me wait exactly two months before we fuck again face to face. It is an erotic torture, this game of cat and mouse that he is phone chat  viv