Mommy Phone Sex Come To Mama

Yeah I am a fucking cum slut and have been taking that jizz since I was young, so fucking what?
And yeah I took that cum one time when I was real fucking young and got knocked up. I did the right thing and gave the little bastard up.
How was I to know the little fucker would cum looking for me? How was I supposed to know he was a hot little fucker?
Incest has never been a big issue with me, as a cum slut I have fucked lots of the men in my family. But this was the first chance I had to fuck my own son!
That would make me an incest, mommy fucking, MILF and that shit turned me on.
As soon as he started explaining that he was adopted and looking for his mommy I knew he was my son from 15 years ago.
He is strapping and in puberty, he is muscular and looks like he is athletic. His skin is sun kissed and he has a good tan from being outside.
My pussy is getting wetter by the minute as I drink his young musky sex in. I know I am going to fuck him. I know I am going to like every dick sucking, cum exploding, pussy licking, minute of it!
He doesn’t know who I am, he doesn’t even know if he has the right house and I invite him in.
I offer him a beer and sit real close, pretending to be interested and sympathetic to both him and his story.
It isn’t long before I am stroking his leg and leaning in provocatively close. Inching closer to his crotch and listening to his breathing.
If anyone knows how to seduce a man or young man, it is me, a cum slut.
It isn’t long and I have him in my mouth, fully erect, sucking my son’s cock and getting off on it. I have a hand down my pants playing with my pussy as his dick is in my mouth rock hard and wanting more. Young and eager to let go of that cum.
I lead him to my room and undress him, then myself all the while maintaining physical contact somehow.
I shove him to his knees and shove his face in my crotch instructing him all the while, telling him to nibble my pussy lips and suck the hard clit. while he slides his fingers in me.
I have a hard time not cumming as I think about the fact that my son is sucking my cunt.
I lay on the bed and guide his young hard dick into my pussy. I am about to be my son’s cum slut. The idea is intoxicating.
He mounts me and fucks me hard, with all the abandon of a young dick just wanting to cum and as he fills me with his load I know I won’t tell him who I am.
I will make him a young lover to come and fuck me over and over again.
Eventually I may tell him. But for now I want to enjoy being a p mommy, fucking her son without him knowing.

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