Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

Just thinking about getting more tats makes me horny as fucking hell. To me it is erotic to know that I am going to be adorning my body with more art. I pick all my tats carefully because it will be with me for life. I don’t have one tat that I regret.
Then there is the feel of the needle going in and out of my skin, inserting the ink. It really makes my pussy drip. If you have never gotten a tat you couldn’t understand that fine line between the pain, the excitement of new art and the sensuality of it all. I know I cum several times every time I get new ink.
This time I want a kitty on my kitty. A green eyed pussy cumming for you! I know this one is going to be hard. I am going to have to stay still while feeling the needle, and his hands on my pussy. He will be so close to my clit that I will want him to lick it and that is going to add to the thrill of it all. And when I cum I am going to have to stay so still so that he doesn’t mess the tat up.
I can’t even think about this one with out cumming over and over again. This is going to be a true challenge for both of us, the dude slinging my ink and me.

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