Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

We three girls are just down right dangerous when we get together. Three hot wet pussies on the prowl. When Kali, Trina and I are bored and looking for fun we come up with all kinds of crazy, kinky and fun things to do, and yesterday was no different.
We were just sitting around trying to come up with something fun to do when Kali, the panty whore decided it would be fun to go threw our panty drawers and try on each others lacy, frilly panties filling each others panties with lots of cum to savor for later. We spent about an hour enjoying this little game and getting all excited.
Then Trina came up with a better idea, she amazes us sometimes because she is usually the follower of the three of us. But this time her idea was genius!
A panty stealing contest! We all would go to the mall and set our watches to the same time. We have two hours before we meet back up. In that two hours we split up and steal as many sexy panties as we can. No frumpy granny panties, sexy, hot panties only. We come back to the house to count them and the one with the most panties gets pampered and served by the other two all night long.
Just the thought of it makes us all sequel with delight as we cream our panties on the spot.
We head to the mall and get busy. When we got home we counted them all out and to our surprise Trina won.
Being a subby she would have to put on her big girl panties and order Kali and me around all night, making us serve her. She really isn’t very good at it but we all had so much fun!
We aren’t going to let her get used to this because we like her being submissive. But it was a great night plus we have some awesome new panties!

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