Heads or Tails???

Want to flip a coin? Heads I get tail, Tails you get head. Imagine that? It is a lot like me, flip a coin and see which side of me will reveal itself. Are you willing to take that chance or are you scared?

When we are at the club house and it is just our KINGS family, we laugh and love and do all the things any normal family would do. Except of course that we share each other in the sack. We all fuck each other and everyone is fair game.

Now when we hit the streets and go hunting human prey I am able to let the other side of me out. The side that loves to cause as much pain as possible in my quest for a rush like no other! It doesn’t matter if your a chick or a dude, if I pick you, you are in for a world of pain to bring me satisfaction. You can’t imagine the hell you will experience in your wildest nightmares. I prefer to fuck up chicks but my taste for blood and fear knows no bounds.

Sharing this with my family just makes it all the sweeter. Don’t think you will close your eyes and shut out the carnage. Oh no I will sew your eye lids open so you witness all of it. I will dice and slice you and watch you bleed as I fuck myself to the joy your pain brings me.

Oh the many sides of Alanza are deeply fascinating. Dark and sinister and a ride you will wish you hadn’t longed to get on because you are never getting off.
But I am, you can rest assured, I am.
Ready to flip that coin yet?

Happy National Multiple Personalities Day!

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