Dixie’s Darlings

I am such a cum junkie that what I can get myself just isn’t enough any more. My need for cum has become an obsession and I need it to keep my pussy happy! So I have decided to become a fucking madame. I am starting my own little company called Dixie’s Darlings. I only have one little hooker so far, Heidi. But she is a cute young honey in college needing to make extra cash and it was either this or striping. Since she prefers to keep things a little more private and on the down low, she choose Dixie’s Darlings. Good move on her part! Guys love sweet young meat and she will not only make me lots of money but she will keep my pussy very happy. I can watch her get fucked in secret and get my fill of voyeurism, which is very hot! I think being a madame is going to suit me just fine. I will have more little hookers soon. This will make me some extra money and very likely get me more dick. I look forward to building this company from the bed up!

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