Sexy Panties

I love my sexy panties. I guess you could say I have a panty fetish. I just touch them and my pussy gets all hot and wet. I have so many sexy panties that I can wear a different pair everyday of the year!

The best part of sexy panties is shopping for them. I know a store with the cutest little sales boy. When he sees me walk in the store he always knows what is about to happen! He knows I am one of his best customers.

First he helps me pick out a mountain of hot and sexy panties to try on. I am always alone so I have to model my panties for someone. And he knows that his private show is next.

Inevitably by the end of my private run way show for him, I am wet and ready and his cock is rock hard in his pants. I always come in just before lunch time when he is alone and he knows to lock the door and put up the “Out to Lunch” sign.

When he comes back to the dressing room, out of the security camera’s view, I am dressed in the panties that he said he liked the most! Of course they don’t stay on long and he fucks me like a man that has been denied for a long time. I stand facing the full length mirror, bent over at the hips, arms spread and ready to be strip searched and violated.

When we are done I always spend lots of money, give him a tip and with a wink and a wave tell him I will see him again soon! I love panty shopping!

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