He thought he knew me well

Poor guy, he thought he knew me so well, after all we had been friends for a couple of years now but he never knew my secret. All these years he had never seen me naked so he just assumed that I was all woman, he had no clue that I had a bigger cock than he did! He has always had a huge crush on me and last night he finally made a move on me. We had been drinking and were pretty fucked up by the time we got back to my place so I was completely unprepared for him to grab a hold of me and kiss me deep. It felt amazing though so I just said fuck it and kissed him back. Things were getting really hot really quick and our clothes were mostly on the floor when he suddenly stopped. He had slipped his hand inside my panties to rub my pussy only he found my stiff cock there instead and to say he was shocked would be an understatement! I wasn’t sure what to do, I didn’t know if he was gonna be sad or mad or what but he really surprised me. He sank to his knees and moaned as he wrapped his lips around my giant cock. I had no clue that he was into shemales like me but he told me it has always been a fantasy of his to fuck a girl like me. The sex was absolutely incredible and now he’s addicted to me, if I had known it would have ended like this I would have told him what I was years ago!

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