Teen Voyeur’s Fantasy

You have been watching me for a while. Thinking about all those dirty thoughts that run threw your mind while you stare next door at me. When I see you outside as we pass by at each other, I smile at you as if I know your dirty little secret of you watching my every move. You never leave at night to go out to bars because you will miss the nightly show I give you without even knowing you are around. Until one night, my window was wide open as both of my legs were. The curtains were spread apart as my panty and my wet cunny lips were while I rubbed my sweet wetness. *giggles* I pinched my bobbies to get them nice and hard while I licked my lips as if I could taste how sweet my cunny juices are down there. Then I opened my eyes and what do I see but your eyes completely on my fingering myself. But instead of you getting freaked out and I hiding from your gaze, I smiled at you and fingered you to cum here with me. *giggles* 😉

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