Going Down Tonight

Hell yes motha fucka we are going to party and fuck the night away. My buddy was walking down the street and saw a ratted up suit case in the ditch. He decided to check it out and the bitch had a shit load of drugs in it. I hope like hell no one saw him get that fucking suit case.

My cunt is so fucking hot knowing what tonight is going to bring. He invited every one we know and we all love to party and fuck like mad while we are high as fucking hell. Everyone has to bring a bottle of alcohol  and two bottles of chaser. The drugs are free.

Personally I am going in my bikini with two bottles of alcohol and I am going to get so fucked up I don’t remember shit tomorrow. I want to get my pussy fucked till it is sore and swollen. I hope I swallow so much cum my belly hurts.

This is going to be the party of parties and I am going down on any one and every one I can! And I know that everyone is going down on me!

Let’s get this fucking party started!

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