He stole my panties!

There I was out by the pool having a little fun flashing the neighbors my big juicy tits and spreading my legs so they could catch a glimpse of my pussy when all the sudden I heard a crash! I jumped right up to go see what it was and since my panties were kinda half off anyway, they fell right to the ground. It didn’t stop me though, I just kept running around to the side of the house and as soon as I got there I could see what all that noise was. Two of the neighborhood boys had been watching my little peep show, they were up on a ladder looking over my fence and when the saw my pussy they both fell off the ladder and broke my fence on the way down! They were laying there with their cocks hanging out of their pants, their faces were beet red and they both looked like they wished the ground would swallow them up and it was hysterical! I laughed my ass off at them while they promised to fix my fence and begged me not to tell their parents. I decided to give them a pass this time since they were so embarrassed but when I went back to the pool I found out the little shits stole my panties while my back was turned! I think I am going to have a conversation with their dad after all…

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