He Is Nautical!!!

I was sitting here horny as fucking hell, rubbing my pussy and flipping channels looking for some hot fucking stud to cum with.
Suddenly the room filled with a merry nautical song and a silly yellow cartoon. I don’t know why I stopped flipping channels, but I did and instantly this innocent cartoon became a raunchy ass sex fantasy as I fucked my pussy to the silly little tune and changed things to suit my dripping cunt..

He lives in a pineapple under the sea
Porous and yellow and nautical is he
He has no dick that I can see
Bobby rub all over me

Squidward’s nose is what I wish
It’s big and grey and flops like a fish
I am going to try with all my might
To shove it in my pussy tight

Patrick is their starfish friend
With five long parts to lend a hand
I pretty sure that he would be
Double penetration for me

Mr Krabs is a champ
Giving me some nipple clamps

Plankton come give me a hug
And be my little butt plug
Your antennae tickle deep in me
No baby that’s not pee

Gary is the nautical slug
Suck my cunt, glug, glug, glug

Sandy with your two big teeth
Nibble my clit under the reef

I love my kinky nautical friends
I am cumming hard as my nasty thoughts come to an end! Welcome to my pineapple under the sea!

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