Man Cave Maddness

I went to visit my brother yesterday because I needed to feel his huge dick fucking me like only he does. I also was hoping he would have a few party favors since I was out.. When I got there he told me he didn’t have much time. He had some friends coming over and they had a day planned in his man cave. He said he would fuck me right quick and give me a little something but that I had to leave when we were done.

I let him fuck the shit out of me and took his party favors and left happy. Or so he thought. How dare he dismiss me for the guys and a man cave day! I waited down the road, enjoying my treat and fucking my cum soaked pussy with my fingers. I was getting more turned on the madder I got thinking about how he brushed me off. I was pulling roughly at my hard nipples and thinking of what to do.

I watched his friends arrive one by one from my vantage point, waiting for them to settle in. When the time was right I creeped my way back in the house holding my breath and hoping he didn’t hear me. I waited with my heart pounding and my pussy throbbing as it got wetter by the minute.

Finally I creeped down the basement stairs, getting closer to their groaning and heavy breathing. Did they have some other bitch down there? My brother knows how I love to be gang banged and that I give the best fucking blow jobs ever! The closer I got the madder I became, why didn’t he include me in the fun?

When I got to the point where I could see I was so surprised! There they stood in a circle, around the big silver keg, naked, dicks in hand, all jerking off with a vengeance as they passed the hose around sipping beer. I know this game, I have watched them play many times. They drink and masturbate around the keg, and the first one to cum has to suck everyone’s cock till each of them explodes.

I stood watching fucking my self and cumming over and over again waiting for the first load so I could watch as the looser sucked all the cock I wish I could suck! Finally his friend spewed jizz all over the place and got on his knees. I stayed and watched him suck the first two off and then headed tot he kitchen to make a special treat.

I left it on the table for them to find with a note that said “Thanks for the show! Love Mercedes”

I am sure my brother will call me when they find it!

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