Canadian Mountie to the Rescue!

I’ve always had a crush on Dudley Do-Right, so when I went to Canada, I sought out my very own Mountie! I put on my best damsel in distress and it didn’t take long for that dream to cum true. He rode up so majestic on his horse and swooped me up into his arms. I creamed my panties right there. I made it no secret what I wanted as we headed back to his cabin. I sat on his lap and ground my firm ass into his crotch. I could feel his excitement mounting to the surface lol He carried me inside and plopped me down on a giant bear skin rug, removed his hat, shoved his rugged face between my legs and fucked my tight cunt with his broad tongue. Then he placed two fingers deep inside me and set his tongue to work on my tender clit. I couldn’t control myself. Then I felt a third. A fourth. And finally as he rolled his hand into a ball and thrust his fist into my tight wet pussy, my sweet moans and gasps became low growls of approval and pleasure. When I came, I squirted halfway across the room. O Canada!

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