Happy Thanksgiving Day Baby!

Happy Thanksgiving Day to you, sexy! Muah! I am so very thankful that I have you in my life. You complete me and my wet pussy. It was such a turn on that you sneaked into the bathroom at your parent’s house, and bent me over the sink to give me a secret quickie. And, when you fingered me under the tablecloth during Thanksgiving dinner, that was so hot! It made me want to get under the table, and suck you until you fed me a cream pie desert. You make the holidays so much naughtier, with your nympho ways. I just loved how to kept grabbing me butt, and pressing you cock up against it, without anyone seeing just what you were doing to me. Lol! You get me so horny. 😉 Just the thought of you doing that to me in front of our family, without them having a clue, just makes me want to swallow all of you. I can’t wait til Christmas time! 😉

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