Teacher Fun!

My teacher handed me my report card yesterday and I had no idea what to do. But, then I thought well I am a dirty little slut I can make men do anything that I want too. So, I went to school this morning dressed like this. I saw the way he was looking at me like he wanted to jump over his desk and attack me. Little did he know I wanted him to turn my F to a A. So, after class I walked over to him bent over the desk like this and said to him,” Now you know I am not good at Science. However I am sure you can guess what I am good at.” Without hesitating he ran over and changed my grade to a A, then he came behind me and put his warm hands all over my tight little ass,pulled my panties to the side and slide his nice hard cock right inside of my sweet pussy. 

 He told me he wanted to see me every time I got a bad grade. Which is fine with me. But, little does he know I am just a filthy little whore and I can not get enough cock, so not only will he get it but the all my male teachers do. I will be honest some of my female teachers do too. *Wink*

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