Our Thanksgiving Drinking Game

Families have all sorts of traditions but in this party family we don’t do anything unless it leads to getting fucked up and or getting fucked. So we created a drinking game for Thanksgiving. Yep that’s right a drinking game. The rules are:  1. Everyone gets a full drink when they walk in the door. No beer- booze only. No mixed drinks but you can have a chaser.  2. You must take a drink if anyone says any of the following: turkey, gravy, stuffed, turkey day, or gobble gobble.  3. You must take two drinks if anyone mentions Black Friday, or anything to do with Black Friday and any reference to football.  By the end of the day we are all so fucking wasted that we end up in a sloppy drunk fucking orgy.  It is one big gang bang. We wind up doing everything from  enjoying golden showers, bisexual activities, chocking (especially fun for family members who piss you off during the year), spanking, cross dressing, fisting, you name it we end up doing it. We end up having a lot of family fun before we pass out cold. You should try this game for your next holiday celebration. We tweak it for Christmas changing the drinking words to fit the holiday. It really is a lot of fun!


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