Happy Endings

Submissive Phone SexTouching your skin, feeling your muscles, running my hands along the contours of your body are some of my favorite things to do when I am massaging you.  I like to set the mood by dimming the lights and putting on perfectly soothing music for you to focus on and relax to while receiving your massage.  I have everything setup for you when you walk in the door, and your face tells me you are so happy about this because you really need it.  I remove all your clothes and lead you to the massage table, and cover your ass with a sheet.  I start at your temples and rub massage oil all over you, right down to your toes.  Of course I skipped your cock and balls which seems to stress you out, but don’t worry my darling, this massage will have a happy ending for you.

I rub and massage your back, neck, ass, legs, thighs and arms until you are almost asleep.  I take your cock and start kissing the tip and flicking it with my tongue. As I grab the base and start stroking you I swallow as much of your cock as I can as I gently squeeze your balls.  As you moan and thrust your cock deeper into my mouth I begin to massage your asshole.  This is too much for you to handle so before I knew it you blew your load in my mouth.  I grinned because I know you weren’t expecting your erotic massage to have this kind of happy ending.

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