Last Night

Do you remember seeing me last night at the bar? Sure you do. I saw you watching me. I saw the look in your eyes. I know what you wanted to do to me. I like it that you were watching me. It got me all hot and wet. Did you like when I would dance for you? Sometimes I would dance with men too and rub my ass all over their already hard cocks. I did that for you baby. I had hoped you would not be able to just watch. I had hoped you would crave to touch me. I crave your touch. I need to feel your fingers caress my soft, smooth skin. I want to feel your hands running up and down my toned body. Do you feel those goosebumps baby? You did that to me. Those are for you.  I want  you to walk right up to me and grab my arm and pull me into the bathroom. I want to have your cum in my mouth. What does it taste like? Is it thick? Ohh I can’t wait to find out. Let’s fuck in the bathroom of this bar. Make me cum so loud that everyone knows what we are doing. You want to feel my hot, wet pussy wrapped around your big hard cock baby? I hope I see you there tonight 😉

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