Guided Masturbation Calls Leave Us Both Drained

guided masturbation

I did a guided masturbation call last night that left me drenched. I do all kinds of calls. Mostly, I do gfe calls, small dick humiliation, cuckolding and accomplice type calls. Variety is the spice of life. I still do submissive calls because I am a sexy switch. It is not often enough, however, that I do mutual masturbation calls. The reality is many men do not care if I cum or not. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of callers want to make me cum, but they are not most of my callers sadly. More than half of my callers hang up when they cum, leaving me high and dry. I get that I am a phone sex whore, and you are paying for a service for yourself. But us dirty talking women love to cum too. Women in this industry do not look at this as just a job. We are horny women who want to get off with our callers too. So, when Todd told me he wanted to tell me how to masturbate, I was excited. He wanted to make me cum hard. I listened to his instructions. I got two dildos from my panty drawer. That is where most women keep their special toys. I got into the positions he wanted, and I double penetrated my pussy and ass. He was telling me exactly what to do. He even edged me. He did not want me cumming too quickly. My cunt was getting creamy. It felt so good to let a man take over. He did most of the talking. I could hear him slapping his meat and it sounded so good too. I love hearing men jack off for me. When I was allowed to cum, it felt like the biggest cum shot I have ever had. I squirted. I drenched my bed. Calls like that are too few and far between. If I make you cum, you should make me cum too.

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