Gotcha Bitch


My cunt got wetter with each pose she put me in knowing I was doing as I was told. What a cute little bitch she was, as soon as I saw her I knew she would be mine. I did everything she asked and she got some wonderful shots of me.  The shoot was over and she offered me a drink. It was so easy to slip that sedative in her glass. I couldn’t stand the quivering of my cunt as as we laughed and joked and reviewed the pictures she took of me, my heart beat got faster and my nipples got hard anticipating her lips sucking these tits for dear life. It didn’t take long and her eyelids were heavy. You should have seen the confusion and disorientation in her beautiful eyes as the drug took effect. I scooped her up effortlessly and carried her to my car. As soon as I got her to my spot in the woods I undressed her and tied her spread eagle to four stakes in the ground. I took my cup of ice water and poured it in her face, the gasp and the fear in her eyes when she came to made me cum on the spot. Of course she stuttered the why’s and the how’s as she tried to make sense of it all. I so love the next part, the fucking crying and begging. I always sit and don’t say a word during this first part. It amazes me how many times I can cum without touching myself or being touched.  I speak so softly to her, even whispering in her ear at certain points. “You are going to make me happy now, sweet thing. You will devour my pussy like it is your last meal. And if you don’t do it right it very well might be (whisper) your last meal). You will suck me and kiss me any where I ask and you will like it (whisper) or make me think you like it, be convincing). And I will take you. You are going to be raped by a woman (whisper) bet it has always been a man you feared). Are you ready?” Oh how I wish you were watching, because the fun is just about to begin. But if you close your eyes baby, and listen real close, you will hear the moans of ecstasy and the cry’s of pain and you can see me there in your mind. The temptation is strong isn’t it? I would love to share the big finish with you. Let your fingers do the walking, all the way to our fantasy.

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