Spend Christmas Eve with your favorite teen Shyla

Happy Christmas Eve naughty pervys! I am so excited for tomorrow, I just can’t wait! *giggles* We are going to have so much fun before Santa gets here. I can show you my cute lil’ panties that granny and papa got me for Christmas. Aren’t the cute on me ? *giggles* I think while we wait for Santa to come visit us tonight, we should have milk and cookies. *giggles* So let me slide off these cute, tiny panty so you can start gobbling up my sugar cookie in between my legs while I play with your North Pole that is down below. *giggles* It’s so hard and long in both of my hands, can I please kiss that big, round tip?! *giggles* Yay! It taste soo creamy! Is this where the milk is for the cookies? *giggles* Hum, maybe I just should suck harder on your North Pole to get the milk out and down my throat? *wink**giggles* So as I place my lips all the way around it, I can feel your pole get bigger the more I suck. Yay! I know the milk is cumming to me. Yippy Skippy for milk and cookies!!! *giggles*

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