Getting Drilled By The Dentist

I love going to the dentist! He always gives me a big long lollipop that he shoves past my teeth. It’s long, warm, and thick and he puts it in my mouth for me. My Dentist calls it his special lollipop, and he pulls it out from his pants. He says to me: “Be a good little girl, Leslie,” and I always am! He sprays special tasty goo out of his huge rod, and I take it all in like a very good patient. Last time at the Dentist, he filled up my mouth with yummy gooey cum! I didn’t want any cavities, so I swished it around and tasted the musky, milky white treat. My Dentist is so good to me! I was glad when he gave me a little bottle to take home. It was filled to the brim with his special mouthwash! Now, right before bed, I’m going to stick my finger in the sticky white cum and coat my teeth with it. My little tongue will dart out to taste all of the deliciousness, and I might even put some on my toothbrush, too. I like to use my toothbrush to vibrate against my cunny. : )

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