Dentist Dreams

I had to go to the dentist today. But that’s OK. I have known Dr. Micheal’s for a while. Helped him with a few little problems. He has some VERY sadistic fantasies. And I have LOVED helping him indulge every single one of them. And for this, I get free dental care for life! AND he uses the good gas on me so I really enjoy it. Of course I do have to be naked for his viewing pleasure. But I love how kinky he is. The second I slip into the gas. I start feeling so good. I slide my finger thru my pussy as I start to dream. Flashes of faces and desperate screams come flooding back. Filling my mind with desperately fantastic visions. Bloody bruises and the sounds of flesh ripping. Cause my pussy to get so wet! And then I hear the Doc’s voice. Whispering what he wants to do this time. All about the sweet little cookie he wants to take. He tells me how he is going to rip her open. How he is going to fuck every hole on her body. And then he tells me how he wants me to kill her slowly for his pleasure. I cum when I hear how the knife will slice her throat. How she will bleed for me. He leaves me hooked up to the gas even after he finishes my teeth. Oooh I know he fucks while I am dreaming. I am riding a wave of blood. Slipping threw my dreams. Enjoying the screams of pain and agony. Mmmmmm I love the gas!

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