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phone sexWhen you are a phone sex tiny teen, you are in high demand on and off the phone. Guys love how young I look. They love that I have no titties and a bald little cunnie. Anytime I meet an older man, he always wants to age play with me. I have zero problem with that. It makes me a lot of money and gets me nice gifts too. I met this guy at the mall last night. He asked me my age and I told him younger because I think that is what he wanted to hear. He asked me where my parents were, and I said I ran away from home last week. I saw the bulge in his pants grow. He asked me where I was spending the night. I told him I have been sleeping in unlocked cars. Not sure where I came up with that. I have a very nice apartment because I make great money having a young bald pussy! He told me I could sleep at his place and I went home with him. He wasn’t that handsome, but I love being a naughty little girl. I also like making men’s dirty perverted fantasies cum true. He let me take a bath thinking I had not had one in a while. Of course, he joined me. I washed Daddy’s big hard cock as he washed my tiny pink cunt. I had to show this nice man my gratitude, so I sucked his cock. I fucked him too, showing off my dick spinning skills! He gave me few hundred dollars and dropped me back off at the mall. I let him think I was a young teen runaway. What was the harm? I made a few bucks and he got to fuck a super young girl. He got my jailbait pussy for a steal.

Daddy Phone Sex

phone sexI love being a dirty little Daddy’s girl! Daddy loves making me his little slutty princess and spoiling me with his cock and cummies. Mommy does not please daddy the way that I do. Daddy has me cock trained perfectly! Whenever Daddy and I are alone together, I always know how to make him feel good. Last night, Mommy had a little too much wine for dinner and went to sleep. It was the perfect opportunity for Daddy and I to have some naughty Daddy/daughter fun! I crawled under the dinner table and started suckling on Daddy’s big cock. My little teen hand stroked him just like he likes it while my tongue and mouth worked around the head of his great big mushroom head. I love the way Daddy’s pre-cum tastes! So yummy! My panties were getting so wet from my tiny teen cunnie dribbling all over them that Daddy had me take them off for him so see how wet I was. He had me take off all my clothes, so he can kiss my little body and budding boobies all over. It makes my cunnie tingle when Daddy licks and sucks on my puffy pink nipples. I climbed into Daddy’s lap and he push his big spit covered cock deep inside my tight pink cunnie! I bounced up and down on Daddy like a mini porn star while my cunnie stretched around his thick veiny cock. Daddy pulled my cunnie all the way down on his cock and made me squirt all over his lap while he pumped me full of his creamy cummies!

Potty Time With Daddy

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I remember when I was very young… I know not that long ago considering how I look now! But, my Daddy had a little obsession. He loved to take me to the bathroom! I didn’t mind, I’d hold his hand and he’d take me into my parent’s bathroom and there would be my princess toilet. It was for potty training and so perfect for a girl who so desperately wanted to be a ‘big girl’. Daddy loved to use our online time to teach me what the word cock was. He loved looking down at my plastic high heels, my stockings and pink tutu as I used my soft little hands to touch Daddy’s hard cock. He would quiver under my touch knowing just how young and naïve I was. He could barely handle it for long; he needed to put his cock in my mouth while I went potty. I was always a good girl and opened wide for Daddy. He made me tell him my age as I choked on his dick, going harder and deeper every time I said that special number. Daddy always had a special load of his own for my mouth!

Daddys Gang Bang Whore

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All I want for Christmas this year is for my Daddy to be home more often to play with his baby girl. He came back into town unexpectedly last night and surprised me with a quickie because he was craving my pussy just as bad as I was needing his big Daddy dick. Afterwards he put me up on his lap as if he was being Santa and asked me what I really want for my gift. I named off a couple of fun new sex toys for him to try out on my sweet little bald cunny but then I let him know how much I miss him and, that I need more sex than he is able to give me. And I was so surprised because he actually told me that he’s been thinking about how unfair the situation is, and knows how much of a cum lovin’ whore I am so he gave me permission to fuck one of his good pals who I’ve known for so long. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time that Daddy allowed his good friends to play with my adorable little naked body. I was so excited about his decision that I almost started to ride his dick again, but yet another surprise! He brought his friend over with him and they shared my body together so that I could get more acquainted to a new man. They both played with my body for hours and I can’t remember how many times I came everywhere. Just that all my little holes have been well worked with fingers and dicks and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Daddy Will Never Know

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Daddy has been away on business a lot lately, and my sexual cravings just aren’t being taken care of. So I often lay out by the pool and finger myself while I’m suntanning. This weekend though, I managed to reel a peeping tom in to come and play with me! He’s my friends sexy dad, and he’s also my next door neighbor. My moans made him come towards me with a rock hard boner, and I was soaking wet and ready for that hardened cock too! He grabbed my hips and climbed on top of me, roughly pushing my bikini bottoms to the side to shove his throbbing head deep in my juicy slit. He cut off my moans with his hands over my lips as he began riding me harder and harder! Oh god he felt almost as good as my daddy. But he would do in his absence, Daddy would never have to know about my flings on the side. He made me cum all over myself just like Daddy does but quicker!

Punishment From Peggy

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Daddy sent me to Mommy Peggy’s house for punishment. He said I’ve been a very bad girl and I need the discipline of a woman to set me straight! Daddy had no clue that I was excited to see Peggy, that as soon as I saw her I started licking her cunt and working her all up. Shortly after she cummed all over my face she got down to business, knowing what a pain slut I am. She took out her strap on and a whip…I knew soon I’d be covered in welts, feeling raw and numb all in one. She didn’t take it easy at all, getting me over her lap in no time smacking each cheek harder and harder with her bare hand. I screamed each time and she forced me to count them out. My pussy dripped over her lap and she took things up a notch, getting out the whip as she slapped my cunt and ass with the leather tails. I screamed but she stuffed her strap-on into my mouth as I cried through it. I am such a little pain slut, and she loves punishing little girls like me, it’s clear.

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Spank Me Daddy

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I never seem to learn my lesson, at least that’s what daddy says when I’ve been a really bad girl. Last night after I got out of the shower, I was bending over to dry off my legs and daddy came into the bathroom really angry at me! I don’t even know why he did it, but he bent me over his knee while I was dripping wet still from my shower and began to slap my little ass cheeks so hard! I was crying and screaming, begging him to stop because it hurt so bad! But he was relentless in spanking me over and over again. He told me that dirty little whores who leave their bathroom door open just to tease their daddy deserve to get punished! I hadn’t intentionally meant to tease him, but once he started spanking me, my fresh little cunny was already dripping down my legs. Daddy immediately knew I was turned on so he roughly bent me over the sink until my face was shoved up against the mirror so I could watch what he would do next. I felt his hard cock spring free of his jeans and press eagerly against the underside of my thigh before he roughly shoved his entire cock up my little asshole! I screamed out his name and then slid further down into the sink as he rammed his daddy meat up my ass making me cum all over my legs. After daddy was done filling up my hole with his hot load of cream I had to slowly crawl back into the shower. My hip bones were so bruised from the sharp edge of the bathroom sink, and my little asshole is still incredibly sore whenever I walk. Next time I won’t be leaving the bathroom door open while I’m drying off from a shower.

Bad Babysitter

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I was supposed to be babysitting the little ones while their Mommy went out of town for the weekend for some retreat with her girlfriends. Their Daddy worked at home but couldn’t help with watching them which was fine because I am so good with little brats! Haha, and even better with their Daddy’s! I am a bad babysitter and because I knew I would be all alone with him for 3 days I knew I could take advantage of his cock! I wore nothing but slutty clothes, and I made sure he could see my pussy through my white panties. Wet and pink and bald! He had to be hard all the time seeing lil ol’ me bouncing all around. Finally those lil brats went to bed and it was just him and I…and lots of horny tension. He didn’t talk to me at all, slamming me up against the wall, being rough with me just how I love it! He whispered “You want to tease me like a little whore, I’ll fuck you like a fucking whore!” He rammed his cock into my pussy, just pulling my panties to the side as I screamed into his hand. I love babysitting, I always get the Daddy to fuck me in the end!

A Lesson Thru Forced Fisting

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I knew I was testing my limits but I didn’t stop, I kept wearing those whore clothes and that whore makeup and flirting with all of Daddies friends and sitting on each and every one of their laps. One night Daddy had enough of it! He coaxed me onto his lap and suddenly turned into a monster! A horny monster that was going to make me pay for being such a little tease. I cried and squirmed as he turned me to my stomach on his lap, he started by ripping my panties down to my ankles and completely removing my little tiny skirt. He smacked my ass over and over and each sting turned me on! I knew I shouldn’t enjoy my punishment, but Daddy made me love it! He was far from done though, he was talking to me like a worthless little whore making me beg and plead for more spankings telling me that if I wanted to dress and act like a whore I better be ready to take it like a whore too…Soon I did. His fingers started to linger from the slaps to spreading my little cheeks. I felt his finger touch my tight asshole and I knew he was thinking about entering it, I squirmed trying to get away bit he wouldn’t let me go and instead plunged his finger in deep and hard. I screamed and he put another in, quickly starting to fuck my ass with his fingers. But he kept adding more and more fingers and I could feel the limitations of my tiny ass stretching around each finger. After 3 fingers Daddy claimed he was going to put his whole fucking fist in my little whore ass, I begged him not to…told him I couldn’t but he held me down on his lap as his fist went in and out harder and harder as I cried, moaned and screamed. All in which is what Daddy truly wanted from lil ol’ me.

Craving Attention

daddys girl phone sexI will do anything to get Daddy’s attention. I love the way Daddy treats me, different than any other Daddy or man. He knows I am a dirty little whore who needs to be treated like the nasty little girl I am. No guy should ever treat me like an actual person…what I really want is to be degraded and talked down to. Daddy changed me and made me this horny and obsessed little girl from the very first time he violated me. Now I’ll do anything to get Daddy to fuck me, hurt me or humiliate me. All because I know it’ll make my smooth little pussy all wet. And that will make Daddy want to punish me even more…and I’ll get what I truly want and need. When he comes home I’ll already be naked on the couch, bent over with my hand working my pussy between my legs. Daddy is so mad a young girl like me is masturbating! What a filthy fucking whore I am… He’ll come right up and grab my hair smacking and punching my little face as he drags me to the edge… I am laying on my back looking up at him. Soon though I can only see his balls and his cock is severely shoved down my throat over and over. I am gagging and choking and Daddy is squeezing my throat as he pounds my mouth with his massive cock. I soon am flipped over and Daddy is wasting no time taking my ass as his. I am Daddy’s whore. ALL FOR DADDY!

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