Saturday Night With A Twist

Submissive Phone SexRecently I made a new friend, and he loves to get high, party and fuck just like I do.  We spent last Saturday night together getting high, fucking and getting to know each other.  I invited him over for dinner and drinks, so we could talk and hang out.  I wanted to show him my playroom, so he could tie me up and we could have a playtime session together, but we never got that far. He was telling me about his experiences and how he could obtain a lot of great information from the word wide web, and I was telling him about me and my family.  He pulled out a bag of coke, so I grabbed his hand and led him to my bedroom. I explained to him that I wanted to do some coke with him but I really wanted to do it off his cock. As you can imagine, this wasn’t a problem at all. He pulled his pants down and his hard cock popped out, so I did a line off his cock. He started to put it away, but I get so horny on coke so his fat cock went in my mouth and down my throat before he could do anything about it. 

I didn’t close my bedroom door and before I realized it my nieces were standing there watching us. I called Lindsey and Samantha over and introduced them.  The girls couldn’t take their eyes off his cock, so I told Lindsey to start sucking his cock. I told Samantha to take her panties off and sit on Mike’s face, and she was so happy to do just that. We spent the next few hours sucking on Mike’s cock and siting on his face, and just when he couldn’t take anymore we all took turn fucking him.  He had both girls sitting on his face as he licked them from cunt to asshole while I rode his cock. At one point us three were stacked on top of each other and he took turns ramming his cock into each hole we had.  He loved fucking our tight asses, but he especially loved Lindsey and Samantha’s tight bald and tender little pussies. When he finally came he spilled out so much cum it took all three of us to lick him clean.  It was a fun night for us all and a great way to get to know each other, and I look forward to playtime with Mike again soon.

Submissive Phone Sex

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