What a Good Secretary Does!


I was asked to come in to work today. It seems our brand-new manager was having a surprise inspection from corporate. Poor guy’s first day at a brand-new job and he has a surprise inspection. When I showed up he was hyperventilating in the conference room. My goodness he was just a young boy. I mean he couldn’t have been more than 23 and a manager already. While I just knew I had to help him. So I locked the conference room door I walked over to him and told him that I would help calm them down. I dropped to my knees unzipped his pants pulled that throbbing hard Dick out. He stopped hyperventilating and was just staring at me in ahhhh. When I ran that big bubble headed Dick over my lips. I licked him like a lollipop. And then slid that cock all the way down my throat. I started bobbing my head been down. Feeling him getting harder and thicker. I raised my hand up and started playing with his thick heavy balls. Then he finally relaxed and started to moan. Oh I sucked his cock good. I pulled my mouth off of his big fat Dick. I looked him right in the eyes. And I asked him “Are you can be the man and take what you want?” He shook his head yes. And then bent me over the conference table, slid my skirt ride up, And fucked me just like a man should. He slammed his cock into me over and over. That big thick shaft stretched me open. He pounded me for a good 15 minutes before he shot his load deep inside me. I cleaned his cock up. Got him looking perfect. And then I told him “Now go be the man and pass your Inspection.” And damned if he did walk out there like he own this place. Sometimes a man just needs the right motivation. And that’s exactly what a good secretary does. Gives the right motivation.

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