Fuck Toy For The Team

The most important thing about being a good cheerleader is that you always need to be there for your team – in any way they need you. Whether you’re celebrating a victory or soothing a loss, the after game party is always the time for a horny cheer slut to shine! I always make sure I look cute, my makeup all done up for my team mates because once they get a look at my tight little body in that lil cheer skirt, those thick cocks jump to attention ready to drill me into next week! Sometimes I’ll just focus on one guy, but I love it when the whole team wants to get their dicks juicy wet inside my slippery pink cunny. The boys on the team love to run a dirty train on me, filling up all my tight little holes one right after another and covering my face in that creamy white cockjuice! Sometimes me and some of the other girls on the squad will sneak into the boys locker room right after the game and shove those sweaty hard cocks deep into our throats and suck those boys dry! Mmmmm this cheer whore just can’t get enough of those yummy white cum shots!


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