Paradise Awaits

My perfect day involves perfect sunny weather at the beach with me in a hammock out over the water and several hot young studs to wait on me hand and foot. They will bring me little snacks and drinks, rub sunblock on my perfect skin and satisfy my every desire… even the really dirty ones. There will be one stud in particular that will be my favorite, he won’t be some wimpy cuckold or submissive pet. No, he will be my lover, a man who is superior to all the others, he will have a bulging muscles and a big cock and he will be man enough to fuck me the way I want to be fucked. He won’t beg for permission to touch my perfect body like all my pets do, he will just come and take what he wants! There will be incredible passion and I am certain he will have me cumming again and again… now I just need to make this fantasy a reality…

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