Whips and Chains and Collars, OH MY!!!

I never thought I would cum helping my dad clean out the garage. I guess that will teach me, never say never.
It seems Daddy is or was a kinky old bastard. Buried in between his Popular Mechanics magazines I find this collection of old porn. Not just any porn but bondage and stuff like that. The title of one of the books is Man Servant and has a picture of two woman with a man on a leash. Of course I was a little embarrassed because I never thought of my dad like that and I couldn’t help but ask him about it.
He laughed it off and said that mom was a prude and he had to have an outlet for his fetishes and fantasies.
I could see his dick getting hard so I let it be and kept on working.
A little while later I came across a box of old tools and among them was a whip, a collar and a leash. OK this is just to much my pussy is wet now and I have to ask.
“Hey Dad if mom was a prude, who did you use these on?”
He couldn’t hide it, his dick is really hard and sticking out in his pants like a pop tent. He turned beat red and chuckled.
I was so hot myself that I suggested we take the magazine and toys inside and take a break from cleaning up. The look on his face was a mixture of confusion and lust and I knew he wasn’t sure.
I assured him it would be OK, we didn’t have to tell anyone and it would be fun. It didn’t take much convincing and we were in the house.
He still has it for an old man and I really enjoyed the kinky side of him.
We took a couple of breaks that day and still managed to get the garage cleaned out.
I love my Daddy!

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