Fuck Return Policies and Retail Clerks with Attitude!

Submissive Phone SexFor years I have been going to this very exclusive shop to purchase my bathing suits and usually the clerks are all female. Recently they hired this really hot looking guy, most of the customers I have spoken to are a little put off by a guy working there but I think it hotter than hell. Besides I like getting a guys opinion on how the suit looks on me before I purchase it, after all I spend a pretty penny to say the least on my suits. Well not to long ago I went into the shop and this guy helped me pick out three new suits and I loved each one. He was quite helpful!

When I washed the suits I followed the washing instructions to make sure they all came out nice and they did except one, it literally fell apart in the washer and lost its shape. I didn’t worry about it to much because I have been such a good and long time customer of this shop I was sure I would not have a problem either exchanging the suit or getting a refund. When I went back into the shop the new guy wasn’t there but a sales clerk was there that I have purchased from several times so I thought there wouldn’t be a problem. Wow, was I ever wrong!

The sales clerk turned on me, got very nasty and said it was my fault for not following the washing instructions and refused to do anything at all to help me. She wouldn’t even let me get a word in so I asked to speak with her manager and she said in a very rude tone the manager was at lunch I could either wait or come back. I decided to go get some lunch too and stop back in after. When I got there the new guy clerk was there and I told him my problem and said I needed to speak with the manager. He said the manager wasn’t in but as the new owner he would be happy to let me pick out another suit and agreed the suit I purchased was faulty, he said many customers have been returning that suit and he wouldn’t be using that design company again.

I went into the changing room and he kept handing in one suit after another, then he opened the door just a crack and asked how did I like the one I was trying on. I opened the door and said you tell me and I was standing there naked. He said oh my, that’s the best yet, I pulled him into the dressing room and he pushed me against the wall and fucked my little wet pussy until we both exploded with cum! I then tried to purchase the suit I had and he wouldn’t let me pay. I think I will be frequenting that shop more often, I love their customer service, I just won’t deal with that bitch of a sales clerk again!

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