Coke is this Girls Best Friend after a Dinner with Mom!

Submissive Phone SexLast Sunday my Mom invited us over for Sunday dinner. This isn’t something we do often so when she invites us I feel like I have to go, after all she i s my Mother. I asked her if I could bring anything and like usual she said no she had the entire meal planned out and she didn’t need anything except for us to come on and to be on time! So I told my husband about my Mom’s invitation and he grumbled a little like he always does and then said okay but let’s get outta there as soon as dinner is over, and I absolutely agreed!

We got to my Mom’s house early so she wouldn’t have anything to bitch about, I immediately asked what I could do to help. She still treats me like I don’t know how to do anything, all she ever let’s me do is set the dinner table and of course according to her it’s always wrong. Even though I do it just the way she tells me to every time, its still all wrong. She has a way of making me feel useless every time I visit her. Anyway, dinner was ready shortly after we arrived and I am not a picky eater but she always manages to make at least one thing I dislike.

This time it was her meatloaf, I like meatloaf, but my Mom’s meatloaf is so greasy I think she must put a pound of lard in it to get it that greasy. I tried to choke it down with a smile on my face because if she catches on I don’t like something she slaved over a hot stove to make for me she blows her top. I truly tried to get it down but it was making me sick so I ate everything else and then just tried the I am so full trick. She caught on immediately and then what she did next was absolutely shocking to me.

She went into the kitchen and called me in there, she knows I hate Tabasco sauce, she said young lady you will never lie to me again, and for lying to your Mother you must expect to be punished. I have to burn those lies right out of your mouth. She ordered me to open my mouth and doused half the bottle down my throat and demanded that I swallow every drop. I was choking and could barely breathe and she wouldn’t allow me anything to drink or eat. Sweat was beading up on my forehead and I felt so sick. The rest of the family sat and enjoyed their desert while I had to sit there and suffer.

I can’t believe my Mother thinks she has the right to still punish me, I am a grown woman with my own family and she still punishes me every time I do anything she deems inappropriate. We got out of there as soon as we could and as when I got home I downed a ton of water and then I hit my stash of coke. I did several fat lines and my husband got so turned on over the whole think he took me into the bedroom and fucked my brains out for hours! Which really did get my mind off my Mother so the day wasn’t a total loss. My husband fucked me so hard and got so rough that I had multiple orgasms, so not all was bad on Sunday but coke is this girls best friend!

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