Fuck Me At The Movies!

I was at the movies and a really bad ass sex scene popped up, the guy pressing the girl down on a couch, squeezing her hard nipples and forcing her to beg for his cock. I tried to hide the fact that my tight wet pussy was tingling and that I wanted so badly to grab the nearest dick and shove it in my filthy, slutty mouth. I was so horny watching the movie that I started rubbing my own tits, lightly squeezing my nipples. I didn’t think anyone was watching, but then I noticed the guy next to me was staring with his hand on his hard cock. I turned towards him slightly and opened my legs, revealing my juicy wet kitten. He started rubbing his dick through his pants and his other hand slid up my thigh and he began rubbing my sweet pussy lips. My cunt juices running all over his hands had his dick so hard it looked like it was trying to burst through his pants. I unzipped his pants and pulled down my dress, my luscious bouncy tits just waiting for him. He stood up and pushed me back in the chair and fed me his cock, pushing it down my throat as I licked it all over. He pulled it out and laid it on my chest. I grabbed my tits and wrapped his dick up in them. His fat cock was sliding in between my tits as a squeezed them tighter and tighter around it. I felt it pulsate and I knew he was going to cum. He did, covering my lips and chin in his thick, sticky cockjuice. Oh fuck, it was so good!! Definitely worth the movie ticket lol!




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