The girls around here all talk about Big Ben. They rave about his huge cock and how he takes care of them. I dreamed of him touching me, making my pussy so wet. I hoped he would call and give me a taste of his expertise.
Finally he called me. He was everything they said he was and more. He gave me that cock and now no other will do. My pussy longs for him and the way he made me cum so hard all over the place.
  I told my girl Georgia about him. I think she would be a perfect two girl call for us. I am the cum slut and she is a cum slut in training.
She was so sweet and innocent until she began to develop and found out that her sexy body could get her things she couldn’t get before.
She is just learning the fine art of seduction. She is just leaning the joys of partying and fucking and how much fun men can be.
I have fucked her a few times, teaching her about the variety of kinky that can be. I have tasted her sweet pussy and even gotten her high a few times.
But if Big Ben would take us both. She would be addicted just like I am! He is a god! He knows how to work a bitch. How to make her cum so hard it feels like her insides are coming out.
Iadore you Big Ben, and I really don’t want to ever share you. But if I did, an innocent up and coming that we could mold to meet our needs like Georgia would be who I would pick!

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