Sweet and Sexy

I am a sweet and sexy thick woman and that means there are never any bony edges for you to hurt yourself on, only plush silky softness here. Sink into my sexy flesh and pound as hard as you like, I know I can handle anything you have to give me, I promise you that. I love a man that can fuck me for hours and if you have a big dick, even better! I love a good pounding more than a fat girl loves cake and believe me, I love me some cake! I need it baby, come on over and fuck the shit out of me, you won’t regret it, in fact you won’t be able to forget it! You know how they say fat girls try harder? It’s true baby, I try harder than anyone and I will fuck you way better than some skinny bitch ever could! So what are you waiting for baby? Call me tonight so we can get nasty, I can’t wait!

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