Hell Sent

I am just two and two
I am hot
I am cold
I am the parent of numbers that cannot be told
I am a gift beyond measure,
a matter of course
and I’m yielded with pleasure
when taken by force 

I don’t get fucked.

I fuck.

Hard, fast, rough. I’ll tear your ass up. I’ve got a Feeldoe that thrusts with the power of lust, and I can make you scream my name with both of your hands up. Pressed against the wall, begging for mercy. I want to feel the insides of you quiver with yearning. You know you want me, you just can’t resist. My darkness is dragging you down, and it’s sick. I’m a twisted, dark whore. I’ve got a black hole of sin. It’s your sin I’ll fill, with this strap-on, I’ll win. It’s the truth, not a lie, I just can’t shield my eyes. I wanna watch you go down and beg harder. You cry, I need your energy. You’re mine. I’m infecting you with everything deadly. Divine, it’s a virtue, I’m sure, be assured of my word. Just try to remember that what’s yours is yours. But your cock? Yeah, that’s mine. I was hell sent to claim it.

So now, just relinquish, ‘cus I know where to aim it.

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