Family Fun

My husband has shared me with our son since he was born, and after 23 years of intimate mothering to my dear boy he decides he’s going to fuck me and get me pregnant.  My husband comes in the kitchen while I was making dinner and informed me to be ready when Jr gets home.  I quickly finished what I was doing since I know my son doesn’t like to wait just like my husband doesn’t like to wait.  He is a chip off the old block in that way.  My son finally gets home and demands that I suck his cock, so I kneel down and remove his cock from the prison that its been in all day.  I devour his cock, I am quite proud because he has a 10 inch cock that about 2 – 3 inches thick!  Oh if feels like heaven in my mouth, and I love pleasing him.  He starts telling me he’d like to have a baby of his own because he wants to share love with his mother and his daughter.  When I asked my son what he meant he stood up bent me over and fucked me harder than he ever has.  As he blew his wad deep inside my cunt he announced that he will no longer wear a condom when he fucks me.  I am to get pregnant and have his baby.  My son finished fucking me and I sucked his cock clean.  Oh what fun we will have trying to get pregnant, but it won’t happen because.  I love making my family happy, and no one would be happy if I was pregnant.

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