Waking up in the morning

I want to wake up in your arms! Feel you mold yourself around me. Feel your hard cock grow against me!  Your warm lips traveling over my body. Licking and kissing every inch of me! Tasting me. Sucking on my nipples.  Making my cock throb for you! Long for you. I want you. I need to feel you slip your mouth around my hard cock and suck it for me. Let me feel your tongue sliding up and down my shaft.  As you deep throat me. As you drive me crazy! I want to be pushed all the way to edge. Till I am so close to cumming! Then I need to be inside you! I want to guild your legs around me.  I want to feel you wrapped around my cock with your sweet little whole.  I am going to pump and fuck you like you need! Driving my cock all the way home pushing you over the edge as  I shoot a big full creamy load deep inside you.

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