Who Wants Chocolate Milk?

My big tits get me attention everywhere I go, and I use their cock-attracting power to keep my juicy pussy nice and satisfied.  Just recently, while taking a quick vacation to Vegas, I attracted a breast connoisseur.  I mean, this guy was on my sweet, brown tits like ants on brown sugar!  He didn’t even wait until we got back to my room.  He wanted me so badly, he bought a private cabana at the nearest hotel, where he continued his fascination with my tits.  He loved my smooth, brown complexion, and the way my tits smelled.  He held them, buried his face in them, massaged them, sucked and licked them, then finally fucked them.  But, before he came, you know I had to get mine…  I told him everything he just did to my tits, he had to do to my pussy!  So, between my legs, he smelled me, touched me, tasted me and fucked me.  After I came, then and only then, did I let him cum on my tits.  Ladies first!

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