Let’s Get Primative

I am feeling very prime evil today. Like a big cat ready to pounce and devour my prey. May I hunt you? Can I stalk you like a wild lioness in the jungle stalks her next meal? And once I have captured you, will you let me consume every part of you? Will you feed the hunger within both of us? Perhaps I will drag you to my den. Perhaps I will be savage and just take you here, in the wide open jungle with all to see. Today I hunt, today you will be the hunted. Will you run? Will you fight? Or will you stubble? Allow yourself to be caught because you enjoy the thrill of being captured as much as I enjoy the thrill of capturing you.
I am reminded of the song by NIN “I Want to Fuck You Like an Animal” Do you know it?  “Let me violate you….let me desecrate you…let me penetrate you…I want to feel you from the inside out…it’s your sex I smell…drink the honey from inside my hive….”
Welcome to the jungle, lover boy.

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