Doctor Please Help!

Tranny Phone SexThe other night I was at a local club and met this guy I really wanted. I wasn’t sure he would be into the tranny scene but I was going to do everything in my power to try to get him to come home with me and get him hooked on my huge cock. He was so damn good looking and our conversations just seemed to flow so easy. He seemed to be able to keep me very interested in anything and everything he had to say. My brain was going ninety miles an hours trying to figure out at way to get this guy to come home with me. As we were talking I learned he was a resident physician at one of the hospitals in town and worked twelve hour shifts overnight from ten to ten.

Damn, this means I can’t get him to come home with me tonight. He had to leave soon to go to work. I had to figure out a way to see this guy again very soon. I came up with a plan, since he had told me he was the emergency room physician at the hospital I had to come up with a way to get hurt or sick or something to have a reason to go to the emergency room. I came up with the perfect plan. I have this sex toy that if I don’t use a huge amount of lubricant on it then it gets stuck in my ass and is really pretty painful to get out. Something about the material its made out of or something, Anyway, I shoved it up my ass and put on a loose fitting sun dress with nothing on underneath except this butt plug.

By now its about three thirty in the morning and I figure the emergency room is probably pretty slow so I get in my car and on the drive there, the butt plug went deeper into my ass and it was pretty painful without the lubricant. Once at the hospital I tell the nurse I have a problem with my anus but won’t let anyone but a doctor look at it.  She was not happy about this but gave me a gown and said the doctor would be in shortly. I took off my dress and laid there in the nude, The doctor came in and it was the one I was hoping for. He took one look at me and said Carla? I said yes, then he looked at my huge cock and the green thing sticking out of my ass and with a big grin he said, you really didn’t have to put yourself through all this I was going to call you for a date on my night off. Then I got embarrassed because he had caught on to my plan.

Then I felt a little silly, he got a syringe without a needle and shot lots of lubricant up my ass to loosen the butt plug and slowly pulled it out of my ass. I thanked him and started to get dressed and he asked me to come to a consultation room with him to talk. When we got inside the consultation room I was expecting some kind of a lecture but instead he kissed me long and hard, I felt my knees go a little weak and my cock go rock hard. He said I brought some lubricant for you and he had a huge smile on his face, he dropped his pants and bent over a chair. I shoved my rock hard cock up his ass and fucked his so good while massaging his cock, we both exploded with cum! We made plans for a date and both left with smiles on our faces! On my way out I said thank you doctor, your bedside manner is superb!

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