Sunshine and Pretty Clouds makes for Awesome Play Time

I love the sunshine and these beautiful blue clouds! Finally it is getting warm and I can shed my winter clothes! I hate the cold and darkness of winter. I am a sunshine being out in the day type of girl and you can’t do that in the winter. Plus I like to dress as skimpy as possible and that just doesn’t work without the sunshine and pretty blue sky and clouds! Since it has gotten warmer and the sun is out I have been dressing so skimpy, in my tank top and short shorts! I have also slipped on my bikini and teased some guys at the pool! I love walking around skimpy because all of the guys look and I can get their phone numbers and call them up for a good fucking. See the sunshine and pretty clouds bring out the horny in me, even more than usual!  I am so happy I can wear my tank top and short shorts and get all the guys I want!  I am so horny just thinking about it!

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