A Day In The Wind

After a day on the bike, hair in the wind, a giant vibrator between your legs, your tits pressed against his back, legs wrapped around his waist, pussy dripping from the sheer joy of it….
We always end up in front of him on the tank, dick deep in our pussies just getting us ready for when we get back to the garage.
A day of our cares in the wind as we ride and enjoy the simple pleasures of riding and fucking all day.
The engine hasn’t even cooled down when we dismount the bike and mount each other yet again. Dick and pussy, fucking and sucking the rest of the day away.
It is a free and easy life style, the biker life. These are the days when there is no place else we would want to be. We share everything. Our bodes belong to the group as a whole and they know how to satisfy our over active cunts just like we know how to satisfy their throbbing dicks.
Dicks, pussies, and bikes. No rules, no limits, no cares just animal instincts and primal satisfaction.

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