Ever Fuck on a Motorcycle?

Tranny Phone SexLast weekend I got invited by some friends to go out on a bike run. Where I live the weather last weekend was gorgeous so I was very excited and am so glad I went, we had a blast. We rode up the cost and stopped in several places just to take in the scenery. We stopped at this great little out of the way diner and had a fantastic lunch. Sometimes those little mom and pop diners serve the best food and this was one of those places where they make everything from scratch and everything we ordered so delicious.

By the mid afternoon it was so warm and sunny we found this beautiful park that overlooked the ocean and stopped just to stretch our legs and visit with each other while enjoying the day. Well someone broke out some beer and we were grateful because we were all so thirsty. My friend and I walked down by the beach and it was gorgeous. When we when back up to where the others were they were all making out, fucking on the grass in the park and some were even fucking on their motorcycles.

I got so horny I couldn’t stand it, my friend and I looked at each other and we both knew exactly what we wanted. We went over to his bike and I laid on it and he pulled out my ten inch cock and gave me a blow job from hell, after I shot my load of cum in his mouth I bent him over and fucked his tight little ass until I came again! I wanted to make sure he had a good day too so I had him sit on his bike and knelt down I licked his balls and cock and then took his cock into my mouth and sucked it good using my special Carla touch and he exploded with cum in record time. After a while it was getting late so we all got on our bikes and headed home, what a great fucking day! Not only did I get to fuck on a motorcycle I got to watch others and they got to watch me too, such a total turn on!

Tranny Phone Sex

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