Cum fix my pipes first!

I had overslept. My alarm didn’t go off. And Mike was here! He was knocking on the door! And I’m lying in bed naked! I throw my robe on and rush to the door! He is here now to fix my hot water! I need that fixed today! So I tie my robe and open the door! His eyes go straight down to my big tits! I lead him to the tiny bathroom. I felt my pussy twinge again when my breasts moved against him slightly. Though, at their size, it couldn’t have been helped. It didn’t make my pussy any less soaked, however. I held my robe closed at the waist, letting a little bit of cleavage show. Scratch that. “Little bit” might be an understatement in my case. He was so sexy! I didn’t know he was going to be so sexy! And he looked at me and was staring at my tits when he asked “so this is what you want fixed” And I don’t know why.. It just came blurting out “I really want you to fuck me. I want you to throw me on the bed, and fuck my brains out. Call me filthy names, smack my ass, and fuck me.” And then all at once he picked me up! Carried me over to the bed and threw me down. My Robe flew open and he was on me in a flash. I could feel him pull his cock out and thrust it into me! He started FUCKING ME! And he was pounding into me, harder and faster. I could feel tears burning in the corners of my eyes. It felt so good, his fingers in my ass, and his cock dug deep in my pussy. Then he started screaming “Cum, bitch. Cum!” He demanded through clinched teeth, using his other hand to slap against my ass again, his cock slamming into me with merciless thrusts. He was so deep. So fucking deep. It didn’t take long for me to release all over his cock, for me to practically have a seizure on top of him, my entire body twitching with pleasure. We both exploded with pleasure.

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