There Once Was a Piggy….

This little piggy cried weeee weee weeee all the way home! Want to know why? Because she is a pathetic little pansy and deserves every superior fuckalicious female to out her and tell the world how pitiful she really is.

I had the pleasure of hearing this little piggy squeal and embarrass herself. Talk about entertainment at its best…Ms. Darla and a few other mistresses joined in making sissy admit that she was such a pathetic little loser and how she really loves it. She just loves to whine and oink! Oink! OINK! like a little piggy for attention. Yup, she loves to be outed and that exactly what I’m going to do.

She has some dirty stinky secrets. That’s right! She is a stinky poo poo pansy that loves to prance around with a lump of shame in her panties. This naughty little sissy loves to dress up in cute little baby dresses with her purse and her shiny gold jewelry. Meanwhile, everyone that sees her is pointing, laughing and snapping pictures. But my favorite secret of all is when she serves me in the most wonderful way. I don’t have to worry about a toilet or tissue paper. I’ve got this dirty little piggy happily waiting to be my toilet slave.

What a dirty little piggy pet she is!

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