Dessert Anyone?


My husband has had a very busy time at work the past few weeks, so my plan for dinner was to feed him, fuck him and massage him. I made dinner, had everything done and was in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on dessert when I heard the front door. I was very excited and called out to my husband that I was in the kitchen, but when I turned around I saw my stepson standing there. He had an odd look in his eye, but I ignored it and told him I had an evening planned with his father. He reached out and grabbed my hair and told me the plans have changed because he was going to fuck me right there in the kitchen. He is tired of me teasing him by walking around in my skimpy clothes and showing off my body in front of him. He pressed his cock up against me and it was hard as a rock. I begged him to leave me alone because his father would home any minute now. He ignored me and ripped my panties off me and shoved his cock into me so hard I cried out. He grabbed my ass sticking two fingers inside my asshole, since I love to be fucked in the ass my pussy got so wet and he immediately noticed so he fucked me harder and she finger fucked my ass. I came so hard causing his cock to explode in my pussy.
My husband came home and asked my stepson if he liked fucking me. They talked a few minutes as I cleaned myself up, and I realized my husband wanted my stepson to fuck me. I continued getting dinner ready, but hubby wanted dessert first so I laid on the kitchen table with whipped cream and a cherry on my pussy. My husband buried his face in my pussy licking me clean, as he was fucking me my stepson came back in and stuck his cock in my mouth. They spent the next two hours fucking all my holes and making me cum several times. My husband wants to be a good role model and teach dominance to everyone in the house so I am to let them use me as they see fit from now on. In fact he said any man he brings into our home can fuck me anytime they want to. I am so glad my husband is so generous, maybe he will bring some of the guys from his office home again soon!


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