Cougar Keg Party

Spring break is a Cougar’s smorgasbord….
I can’t wait to put on my sexiest bikini and hit the beach. I plan on heading up to the Jersey Shore in hopes of finding my Italian Stallion.
It really doesn’t matter if he shows or not, I will enjoy all the eye candy there and you can best believe that once those hunks get drunk they will be ripe for the picking.
I plan on fucking and sucking as many young college boys as I can get my hands on.
In fact I have plans to buy a few kegs and throw a party in my hotel room. All the free beer they can drink with me on my knees next to the keg. They have to fill my mouth with cock before I fill their solo cup with beer. When the beer is gone they can put those hard cocks in any other hole they feel they would like to!
It is going to be a great time for all! Bring on the beach, the sun, the fun and the hot buns!

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