Getting Ready For Spring Break

Oh yes it is that time of year again. Spring break and the girls have their big camping trip. My pussy tingles for weeks before hand while I plan and get ready for our big trip. All of the girls that join us have done so for years and they love playing with Maria and Anna just as much as they love it when I join in. Our camping trip is always at the same secluded place by the lake. None of us wear clothes most of the time. The girls are free to spend all their time playing and laughing and doing what ever they want.  Sometimes it is as innocent as swimming naked while I watch, becoming aroused as their naked bodies, glistening with water and shining in the sun, rub against each other in innocent but provocative ways. I lay on my towel close by, also naked, rubbing my clit and watching them. In the evenings, after dinner, as we sit around the campfire roasting marshmallows and we tell stories that are far from the traditional scary camp fire stories. Or we play truth or dare, spin the bottle or charades.  All naked and all designed to be naughty little camp fire games. All while we laugh and giggle at how dirty and nasty we can be out here all by ourselves.

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