Cum Junkie

I’m a nasty ho that has fucked ALL the family dongs. If it has a dick I have sucked it, fucked it, and then begged for more of it! I fucked every man my momma ever brought home, hell I even had some intimate time with  the family pooch! Rover’s pointy hard cock had my cunt dripping wet. I have never cared what it was, if it had a dick I would suck and Fuck it! I can’t go without dick for longer than an hour. I crave that shit, I need a hard dick ready for me at ALL times! I’m the kind of trashy slut that goes out to party with you and your friends and will let you all take turns fucking all my slutty holes. And YES you can squirt that load of jizz anywhere you want. I love sucking cum out of pussy. I love licking juice covered dicks clean.
Anyone say ass to mouth? I would LOVE to suck all my ass juice off that big fat cock of yours.
Water sports? I do that too. You can wake me up in the morning by slapping my face with your morning wood and I will open my mouth up wide to swallow all of your hot piss.
I really have NO limits at ALL! I want to be your nasty cum guzzling, piss drinking, shit eating, furry friend fucking gutter slut! This nasty whore will take that dick anyway I can get it.

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